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l'Alliance Business Park

The business park that’s right for you.

With a potential of 150,000m2 of office space, l’Alliance Business Park can help develop your business, whatever the size, and whatever your needs. l’Alliance Business Park offers flexible office space, tailored to your needs and adapted to your business model. With each office development unique in design, individual identity and stand-out can be guaranteed. The overall architectural coordination is managed by Sart Tilman Architects, respected experts in providing contemporary business space. Office spaces can be rented or purchased.

  • 150.000 M2 of office space
  • 11 office buildings
  • 75% of car park space is underground
Facilities & Services

Secure parking

l’Alliance Business Park offers some of the best secure parking in the region, with 35m2 of parking space attributed to each office. 75% of the parking spaces are situated underground, ensuring the park’s ground-level space is free from parked vehicles.

Business center & coworking space

Shared office space is becoming a normality today. l’Alliance Business Park’s ‘Regus Space’ provides contemporary office space for start-ups and young businesses, tailored and flexible to stimulate creativity.

Business restaurants

A business lunch or breakfast ? Or a 5 minute coffee to recharge your batteries ?l’Alliance Business Park features two restaurants: La Brasserie de L’Alliance and Aramark, a restaurant dedicated to businesses, where an office delivery service is also available.

Private nursery

l’Alliance Business Park features a recently opened private nursery. It provides ‘close to home’ quality childrens care and security for young families living or working on the site.

Alliance Medical Centre

l’Alliance Business Park features a state-of- the-art medical centre (with ultra modern operating quarters), providing medical care in optimum conditions. Medical care includes eye surgery, neuropsy-chology, dentistry and sports medicine.

Braine l’Alleud town hall

The Braine l’Alleud’s council chose l’Alliance Business Park as the location for its new town hall. It is a state-of-the art building, providing a range of administrative services to the local community in optimum conditions.

Communal swimming pool

The new communal swimming pool of Braine-l'Alleud "BL'A" is located in the vicinity of the Alliance Business Park. Equipped with an indoor pool, a paddling pool and a wellness area (hammam, sauna, jacuzzi), “BL’A” offers swimming and relaxation facilities with direct access to and from the park.

Property Management - Helpdesk

Effective management of buildings. Direct access to your property management platform for any requested intervention.


Leader for more than 10 years in online concierge services in Belgium, makes life easier for employees by offering a multitude of services on an integrated online platform.

HK Health Center

The Alliance Business Park also features a multidisciplinary fitness centre. Equipped with top-of-the-range equipment, HK Health Center offers comprehensive care, through diagnosis and treatment by sports doctors, rehabilitation by physiotherapists and sport and nutrition by coaches. HK Health Center also has a fully equipped private gym.

The Genesis,
a new generation of passive building.

l’Alliance Business Park is home to the first entirely passive office building in Brabant Wallon, “The Genesis”. The Genesis is all about optimal efficiency, to reduce its ecological footprint: a sustainable design based on wood, glass and stone entirely of local origin, featuring sector leading energy management and revolutionary waste recycling systems. The building is ultra-efficient and redefines office space construction principles. No wonder it is credited  “BREEAM excellent” by BREEAM, the world’s leading organisation for sustainable building certification.

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l'Alliance Business Park

A unique and multifunctional park.

Green space

Green space.

A park that breathes.

Open green space, water ways, trails, gardens and corridors of trees – the perfect meeting point for walks in fresh air. A park where you will prefer to walk or cycle to Braine l’Alleud Rail Station, to the centre of Braine l’Alleud or to surrounding road networks.

A green setting



Serenity comes to town.

l’Alliance Business Park focuses on human needs in every way. The Park has been designed to stimulate a living environment for all and everyone : families, walkers, businesses and day visitors live together and help forge the identity of a sustainable and future-oriented environment. The Park promotes the responsible use of natural resources and low-energy consumption.

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