l’Alliance Business Park

A unique, sustainable and responsible concept, where businesses and services live side-by-side in an open green space at the heart of Brabant Wallon.


l'Alliance Business Park
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A business park, where dynamic local businesses live side-by-side with international companies and groups.


At a time when multifunctional activity parks are growing in number, l’Alliance Business Park offers something different, unique in its kind. With its buildings constructed around small squares, tree-lined alleyways and avenues, lakes and decorative gardens, the result is a designed and organised space, carefully crafted to be serene and harmonious. Imagine a diversity of architectural styles, where every building is designed to compliment the esthetic harmony of a site in constant evolution. Be amazed : here you are at l’Alliance Business Park, an exceptional 60-hectare space located in Braine-l’Alleud, in the heart of Brabant Wallon.

The Park in pictures

l'Alliance Business Park

A unique and multifunctional park.

Office space

Office space.

A stimulating business centre.

A business centre to stimulate start-ups, develop a family business, or a new address for an international brand. Each unit has been designed by a different architect, creating spaces to suit every style of business and stimulating creativity.

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Green space

Green space.

A park that breathes.

Open green space, water ways, trails, gardens and corridors of trees – the perfect meeting point for walks in fresh air. A park where you will prefer to walk or cycle to Braine l’Alleud Rail Station, to the centre of Braine l’Alleud or to surrounding road networks.

A green setting

Vision & ambition

Vision & ambition.

Humanity — an endless source of inspiration.

l’Alliance Business Park has been designed around human needs at every level. Families, workers, visitors and walkers share this space and together forge the identity of a sustainable, serene and future-focused community, enjoying all the benefits of a contemporary and responsibly conceived development.




Serenity comes to town.

l’Alliance Business Park focuses on human needs in every way. The Park has been designed to stimulate a living environment for all and everyone : families, walkers, businesses and day visitors live together and help forge the identity of a sustainable and future-oriented environment. The Park promotes the responsible use of natural resources and low-energy consumption.

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