Vision & Ambition

A forward-looking, sustainable work and living project with a unique identity.

Vision & Ambition

An open and welcoming place, which will offer multiple services and products to ensure a societal balance in the Park.

Potential development


l’Alliance Business Park redefines the business park concept, bringing together new standards of life-quality and living. The combination of businesses, housing, commercial, retail, and public services creates a unique dynamic that nurtures new social ties. l’Alliance Business Park is a place where environmental, economic and cultural development meet and where the common values of sustainability and living are refined.


l’Alliance Business Park is also about longevity, providing realistic answers tailored to the needs of senior generations. The park includes a rest home, providing opportunities for more senior members of society. They can enjoy peace and tranquility, with important services in close proximity.

Retail on the doorstep.

l’Alliance Business Park is creating new retail opportunities, with a range of supply stores planning to install within the park. The network of green walkways and cycle paths within the park will encourage residents to rediscover the simple enjoyment of grocery shopping.

Current configuration.

  • Office 61.000 M2
  • Residential 73 Units

Potential development.

  • Office 75.000 M2
  • Residential 630+400 Units

The park as a neighbourhood, prioritising on 4 principles.


Accessibility & mobility

The park is situated on main mobility routes, with the Braine L’Alleud rail station close by and Zaventem and Charleroi Airports within easy reach. The peaceful green routes throughout the park encourage walking and cycling.


Social diversity

With a concept that sees companies and private homes living side-by-side, the park is unique, providing work and residential space, serviced by a wide choice of services and shops.


Respect of local resources

l’Alliance Business Park has environmental respect and biodiversity at its heart. Designed around preserved walkways and water areas, the park integrates seamlessly with its natural surroundings.


Local & social diversity

With a space that brings new residents and new businesses together, comes the creation of new needs. The park contributes to the development of the local economy and provides the platform for a new social fabric.

l'Alliance Business Park

A unique and multifunctional park.

Office space

Office space.

A stimulating business centre.

A business centre to stimulate start-ups, develop a family business, or a new address for an international brand. Each unit has been designed by a different architect, creating spaces to suit every style of business and stimulating creativity.

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Serenity comes to town.

l’Alliance Business Park focuses on human needs in every way. The Park has been designed to stimulate a living environment for all and everyone : families, walkers, businesses and day visitors live together and help forge the identity of a sustainable and future-oriented environment. The Park promotes the responsible use of natural resources and low-energy consumption.

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